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Nature Flows



Product Description

Sharon D Clifford is a West Australian artist who explores colour. She is inspired by the endless conversations emerging between different colours and how form arises from these conversations. She explores the variations a slight change in tone or hue can bring to the form arising and to the viewer’s experience. She contemplates what is appearing, what to keep and what to lose, working instinctively with colour first and her heart thinking second. Sharon comes from a background in textiles. She paints interiors in a technique called ‘Lazure’painting (where colours are layered on walls in varying tones, allowing the walls to breathe with living colour) and creates artworks with acrylics and watercolours from her studio near Fremantle, in the southern suburbs of Perth. It is quiet, peaceful and abounding in nature which allows her to thrive and when she thrives she creates.

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Additional Information

Dimensions 50 x 60 cm